This wound is different from cases like #144 since the origin of the Lateral Digital Extensor muscle is exposed
on the lateral edge. This tissue is allowed to contract and heal after being debrided.

This horse was treated the way that these type injuries are usually treated at Step Ahead Farm.

Our typical method of treating shoulder wounds:
Design a bandage that will keep the primary bandage (the one actually on the wound) in place.
Bandaging is critical in this type of injury, the over the shoulder, double leg style with the stretchable netting
pictured below has proven to be most effective in these difficult to bandage areas.
Keep the raw tissue clean and MOIST.
Like most body wounds, this wound healed by contraction.
Note: the cosmetic effect achieved in three weeks.

Products Utilized:
Eclipse Wound Wash (topically), Lacerum/Eclipse Ointment (on epithelial tissue),
Adequate bandage (to maintain moist wound surface)
No Antibiotics were given to this horse.
Treatment 9-28-2006 through 12-14-2006
9-28-06 Day 1                      10-2-06 Day 4                             10-29-06                           12-14-06
Case 163
Shoulder / Chest / Forearm Injury
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