This is a difficult area to Heal because of the location of the wound. It is hard to keep the area clean
and many horses are very sore due to nerve involvement in the injury.

Characteristics of this wound site:
Very sore
Hard to keep free from contamination
Tends to develop proud flesh
Heals with a substantial scar

Our Approach:
If injury is deep enough to have severed the tendon and nerve, we start by applying 2% lidocaine or
carbocaine to deaden all sensation.
A special vet wrap bandage is used, utilizing Velcro tape on the hoof so that the bandage stays in place
but does not allow water or urine into the wound site.
No growth factors are used after the granulation tissues reach skin level
No caustic products are applied so scar tissue remains minimal

Special attention must be employed to determine if a tendon sheath or joint capsule has been invaded.

Treatment 1-6-2006 through 11-3-2006
1-6-06 Day 1                  1-6-06 Day 1                           11-3-06
Case 162
Pastern / Coronet Injury
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