This horse belongs to a nurse from Tennessee that had used Eclipse and Lacerum products to heal a cannon bone
injury involving exposed bone with numerous tendon lacerations.

She brought the horse from Tennessee to Arkansas because her vet did not want to use products on this wound that
he was not familiar with.

Important features-
The wound was treated with Eclipse Wound Wash, bandaged, and arrived at Step Ahead Farm with the surface
tissue still viable and the wound site decontaminated. Eclipse Wound Wash is non-cytotoxic and bactericidal, and
is a good procedure to use on any wound until vet assistance is available.
Initial treatments for the first 10 days utilized a gauze pad saturated with Lacerum Gel (Platelet Rich Plasma) and
placed between the bone and the de-gloved skin flap to initial the granulation tissue growth on the bone. This
treatment continued until the skin and tendon flap had began to adhere back to the bone. The skin flap was never
trimmed surgically and the later pictures show that it adhered back cosmetically.

Once the granulation tissue reached skin level, Phase II bandaging (wet to dry) was applied with Wound Wash until
the granulation tissue matured and no longer tended to overgrow.

No cast was ever applied even though the horse would knuckle forward on occasions in the beginning.

Follow up pictures have been requested.

Treatment 1-18-2006 through 4-19-2006
Day 1                           Day 1                              Day 25                                        Day 28                                        Day 42
Case 160
Cannon Area Injury
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