This is a Quarter Horse filly who spooked, and her rear legs went through a net wire fence. She was brought to Step
Ahead Farm two weeks after the accident. The bone was exposed on both legs, with extensor tendon damage.

This was an early case in our treatment study and some mistakes were made in the therapy. One was that occlusive
bandages were used through day 57 instead of stopping when the granulation tissue reached skin level. This resulted
in an overgrowth of granulation tissue (proud flesh). Caustic materials, silverdine and surgical trimming were used in
the removal of the overgrowth, which resulted in a less than desired cosmetic appearance due to the fact that the
elastic cells in the skin were killed due to the use of the caustic materials.

In spite of mistakes made, this filly was returned to training while being treated and ended up racing again

The interesting things about this case:
On the right leg, the seven (7) inch long avascular necrotic bone that developed on the leg on day 19 and the picture of
day 23 shows that the granulation tissue had completely filed in the void.
On the left leg, the three (3) inches of bone that was exposed the wound crossed both the black and white hair of the
leg. The hair grew back in the correct colors, despite the entire area being torn off to the bone. This proves that a scar
does not result in white hair because the black hair came back black in the black area and the white hair came back
white in the white area. I suggest that improper pressure from incorrect bandaging is the cause of white hair at a
wound site where the hair should be dark.

*Note - the pictures of this wound start six days after the injury, when the filly arrived at Step Ahead Farm.

Treatment 3-23-2001 through 1-24-2002
Wound One -  Right Rear Leg
Day 1                                      Day 1                                           Day 2
Day 19                                     Day 23                                       Day 34
Day 2                                        Day 12                                  Day 23
Day 39                                   Day 42                                      Day 135
Day 2                                       Day 12                                       Day 19
Day 35                                     Day 109                                    Day 109
Wound Two - Left Rear Leg
Before & After
Right Leg                                                                               Left Leg
Case 16
Cannon Area Injury
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