On this wound the main event was that granulation tissue would not close completely and the horse remained sore
and chewed on the wound. Radiographs revealed the presence of avascular necrotic bone. The horse was operated on
twice and digital x-rays were taken three times. The horse is now sound and turned out in a paddock and our goal is
that this horse will return to reining competition. Notes- The hair growth over this wound returned the correct color
and appears to be more cosmetic than would have been achieved with a skin graft. (In spite of the fact that this horse
continued to chew on this wound)
Treatment 12-26-2006 through 10-7-2007
12-26-06 Day 1                        12-26-06 Day 1                        1-9-07 Day 14                           2-7-07 Day 43
2-10-07 Day 46                                 3-15-07 Day 79                     3-15-07 Day 79             4-17-07 Day 112
10-7-07 Day 285
Case 157
Hock Injury
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