This is a consult case from Bangor, PA. We were contacted in November 2005 regarding this situation, and worked
as a consultation from that point. All pictures are from the owner.
The reason this tissue overgrew to this extent, as is true with all granulation overgrowth, is unknown. It is our
belief that over-bandaging and maintaining an over-moist wound bed, after the granulation bed has gotten to skin
level, can be a major factor in the overgrowth, and results in “proud flesh.” It might be noted that 80 - 90% of all
the healing agents on the market are designed to kill proud flesh. In the process of killing proud flesh, you also
kill the epithelial bed around the wound edge and promote scar tissue development. Our goal is to heal a wound
in such a way that caustic medicine is not necessary.
Treatment 2-24-2005 through 12-8-2005
11-23-2005 After Surgical removal of 39 lbs of proud flesh
12-8-2005 Lacerum & Eclipse applied since 11/23/2005
Final Pictures have been requested....
Case 154
Hock / Gaskin Injury
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