This is a quarter horse with a sloughed hoof.
July 22,2008 arrival, first day of injury.
The goal of the owners of this horse was to save it for their children.
Treatment 7-22-2008 through 1-4-2009
7-29-2008 - Day 8
7-26-2008 - Day 5
7-23-2008 - Day 2
7-22-2008 - Day 1
8-1-08 - Day 10, started using Hoofix emergency canvas top boot made by Plum Shade Farm. The
advantages of this boot are:
1) Ease of application and removal
2) Canvas does not cause a buildup of moisture from the foot sweating
3) The flexible construction does not rub the raw tissue
4) Adapts easily to different applications of cushioning needed for treatment
8-6-08 - Day 15
The yellow tissue is new hoof wall, and will harden over time.
The red tissue at the toe of the hoof is granulation tissue that is not susceptible to infection.
1) Wrap the hoof with a baby diaper saturated with Eclipse Wound
2) Pro-Soft cushion on the bottom of the hoof (inside the boot)
3) Hoofix Emergency Boot
4) Vet Wrap the above to protect and hold in place
8-19-08 - Day 28
Treatment process
10-16-08 Day - 87
The horse began bearing weight on the hoof at this time.
12-5-08 - Day 137
Solid, working hoof has developed.
1-14-09 - Day 177
The increased width at the top of the hoof is a result of the horse bearing full weight on the
This width will grow down to the full length of the hoof.
Case 151
Hoof Injury
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