History: This is a 12 year old Red Roan Quarter Mare from the Arkansas Prison System that got cut in barbed wire.
The medial side of the left hind leg had bone exposure and the periosteum was peeled off.  There was also a tissue
flap with exposed blood vessels at the end of the wound.  The wound size was appx. 8" x 3" x 3/4' deep.

Growth Factor Therapy: The wound was washed and flushed with RemX™ , and Lacerum™  applied with DuoDerm
dressing, Vet wrap was used to stabilize bandage. This regiment was repeated each time the dressing was changed.
There was a total of 20 treatments and 101 days to heal.  No antibiotics were used during the treatment.  No
Osteomyelitis was
found. The tissue flap with the blood vessel was reincorporated in the healed tissue.

Outcome: Treatment continued until 6/15/2001 when the wound was evaluated and demonstrated good
epithelialization with out scarring on both front and lateral sides of the wound.  The horse and foal returned to the
prison system on this date.

Side Note:  During the treatments, a live foal was delivered.  Both mare and foal returned to the prison system and
the mare
resumed daily activities.

Note that caustic powder was used in the earlier cases of the wound treatment study, however it was discontinued
due to the realization that it destroyed the blood supply to the epithelial border and increased the size of the scar
that remained.
Treatment 3-12-2001 through 6-15-2001
Day 1
Day 24
Day 63
Day 104
Day 91
Day 81
Case 15
Cannon Area Injury
Before                &                After
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