This injury was three weeks old when it arrived at Step Ahead Farm.

The pictures of the initial injury are courtesy of the owner.

The owner had been treating the injury with caustic materials, that are supposed to be used to stop the overgrowth of
granulation tissue, however, this injury did not have any granulation tissue. In this case, it would have been better to
do nothing.
This is typical of what happens when you put the wrong medication on a wound at the wrong time.
The medication used was designed to deal with a problem that didn't exist.
Treatment 9-5-2006 through 10-13-2006
NOTE - Our "Day 1" is from time of arrival at Step Ahead Farm, not from the time of injury.

Day one photos are of before and after cleaning the wound.
Initial Injury
Day 39 - Note the healthy epithelial border. This wound will continue to contract and heal over time.
Before cleaning with Wound Wash
After cleaning with Wound Wash
Days 2 & 4 - Demonstrates the start of granulation tissue growth.
Day 2
Day 4
Day 13 - Notice that the skin has re-attached cosmetically, without any of the live tissue being removed.
Day 13
Day 15 Note the epithelial border beginning to develop.
Day 15
Day 17 - Granulation bed is mature, strong epithelial border started.
Day 17