Case 147
T-Post Injury to the
Gaskin Area
This is a T-Post injury to the upper inside gaskin area of the horse. This was a fairly deep laceration, with
tearing of skin and underlaying muscle.
The first picture in this set is a view from the rear,
looking between the horse's legs at the injury on the
inside of the gaskin.

The second picture is a view from the side, in front of
the right rear leg, looking toward the inside of the left
rear leg, showing the swelling associated with the

The third picture is from the same angle as the second,
Click on the photos to enlarge the view.
showing the injury just above the hock on the inside of the leg.

The upper wound was treated with PRP and followed the three steps of bandaging. The lower wound was treated
with Lacerum Ointment, and bandaged with Stage 2 bandaging to start.

These wounds healed cleanly, with very little scarring on the gaskin wound, and no scarring on the lower wound.