6yo Paint Gelding Tennessee Walking Horse
Injury mid-cannon bone
Extensor tendon totally severed and ends of tendon separated by 1 1/2  inches. The bone was exposed in lacerated
area. The horse would not  tolerate the external cast (Kimsey Cast), and one should note that this horse was healed
without using any external fixation during the entire stay at Step Ahead Farm.

1st Treatment
Wound Site cleaned and packed with Wound Wash prior to shipping to treatment center. At Step Ahead Farm
wound was covered with Platelet Rich Plasma under a vapor proof bandage.
This treatment was repeated every 3 days until a solid granulation bed developed.
No discharge or order was detected.

Treatment 6-5-2006 through 7-9-2006
Photos From 6-12-2006 - Day 7
Photos From 6-15-2006 - Day 10
Photos From 6-24-2006 - Day 19
Photos From 6-5-2006 - Day 1
Photos From 7-9-2006 - Day 34
Photos From 9-6-2006 - Day 93
Case 143
Cannon Area Injury
added to site 7/19/2008
Day 9
A complete granulation bed was up to skin level so the bandaging technique was changed. (This quick response
was due in part to the fact that the horse received treatment within one hour of the incident) At this stage, stage
two bandaging was employed.
Wet to Dry bandaging
4x4 gauze with Wound Wash and wrapped with Powerflex
When the dry 4x4 Versalon gauze was removed it pulled the dried scab from the granulation bed. This was
repeated every two days.
Repeating the above process for 10-12 days allows the granulation bed to mature without overgrowth.
This patient was sent home on day 53 and has remained sound and fully functional.
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