This wounded horse was a referred case that arrived nine days after the injury with no evidence of granulion
tissue development. The extensor carpi radialis was totally exposed along with the full width of the tissue
over the knee. Q-tips were necessary to reach the bottom of the wound on either side of the tendon, with a
depth of approximately three and a half inches from the point of the laceration. Platelet Derived Growth
Factor therapy was applied at the site for three and a half weeks, and then the patient was turned over to a
mother - daughter team that returned the horse every other week for a check up in addition to sending
pictures via e-mail. Over-flexion of the knee was part of the therapy to prevent adhesion from developing.
The patient went to his first jumping show four months after the injury with a healed wound. The remaining
scar was only a visible mark the size of a quarter. This horse is currently running barrels.
Treatment started 4-28-2006
Day 243                A Happy Ending
Case 134
Knee Injury
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