This yearling Paint colt's wound was sewn up twice after injury, but not bandaged.
The patient was referred to us because the owner had attended a 4-H club meeting on how to bandage difficult areas
on the horse. Most injuries on the head will heal cosmetically due to the prolific blood supply in that area. Our efforts
at bandaging, are based on the belief that, maintaining moisture on this exposed tissue reduces the healing time as
well as lowering the contamination on the wound site. This horse was treated for 4 weeks and then sent home to be
treated by the owner. The wound was treated every third day (by a veterinarian) with Wound Wash on a saturated
gauze pad. Lacerum Gel (platelet rich plasma) was applied initially to accelerate the granulation bed. Once we had
achieved a solid granulation bed, we feel secure that infection will no longer be a problem. After this, our focus shifts
to using the Eclipse/Lacerum Ointment to stimulate the epithelial boarder (skin tissue).
Treatment 4-11-2006 through 5-5-2006
Case 133
Head Injury
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Day 4
Day 1
Day 25
Day 145
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