This horse arrived from Kentucky after being treated for 8 months with toe cracks in all four hooves. The most severe
condition was in the right front hoof. The horse was shod with clips and metal bonds with screws across the crack that
went from the sole to the coronary band. This was ineffective due to the underlying white line disease that was present
and had gone untreated. The accompanying video, utilizing the dremel tool, demonstrates how necrotic the tissue
between hoof wall and the sensitive lamina had become. The following picture (bottom of foot) shows the depression
between the sole and the hoof  wall. The white line disease was treated with cotton saturated with Eclipse Wound
Wash. (which is fungicidal and will also kill proteus)This condition was corrected in two months and one year later
this horse placed second in his first race at Oaklawn Park.
Treatment 2-3-2006 through 10-21-2006
2-3-06              2-3-06 - Sole & Wall Separation   2-3-06 - After Farrier Work            3-6-06
3-6-06                                       5-30-06                                    10-21-06
Video clip of Farrier cleaning out necrotic material from front hoof.
Case 123
Abscesses / Hoof Injury
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