14yo Quarter Horse mare - owned by a doctor
Wound with draining discharge had been treated after culture for 2 months. Discharge would return
when antibiotics were stopped.
Step Ahead Farm 1st week treatment  -
Flushed with 20cc Wound Wash followed by Platelet Poor Serum (Remix).
The heavy discharge continued so x-rays were taken of the dorsal spine of the vertebrae. Result: 2 dorsal
spines were fractured and surgery was  performed.
Result: The broken bones were removed, but no puss was present in this area.
Day 14 - A small draining track of puss that communicated with tissue on the opposite side of the neck
from the surgical site.
Follow Up Treatment:
A catheter was placed in the track connected to the bursa filled with puss and flushed with 20cc Wound
Wash first, 10 cc Remix second, and on days 16-20 Platelet Rich Plasma.
The volume of puss began to reduce in volume.
On day 25, 14 days after the surgery the surgery site was 3/4 closed.
On day 47 All discharge ceased.
Mare went home and no drainage has occurred to this date.
Treatment started 11-11-2005
Photos From 11-11-05
Photos From 11-12-05
X-Rays From Case 117
Photo From Day 2
Photos From Day 1
Removed pieces of fractured bone.
Case 117
Withers Injury
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