Case 115
Hock Area Injury
This is a Quarter Horse from Oklahoma with a smooth wire wound to the hock. All the anterior tendons
were severed, the saphenous vein was severed, and the  bone was exposed, and there was some swelling
Day 2
Lacerated lower end of the severed
extensor tendon was removed.
Approximately one inch of bone is exposed.
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Day 4
Still some tendon left to trim back. Wound
looks clean, attribute this to the immediate
response and treatment. Fluid is leaking
from the lower section of the wound.
Day 5
Swelling has gone down, granulation bed has started. Fluid, believed to be
lymph node and synovial fluid, is still leaking, and massage is employed to
prevent fluid build-up. Good view of the cut saphenous vein.
Day 8 - Cut off more of the severed extensor tendon,
granulation bed continuing to grow well.
Day 11 - Exposed bone is almost completely covered.
Day 19 - Exposed tendon is now completely covered, granulation bed is at skin level.
Day 30 - Tendon anchored in the upper section of
the granulation bed opened the granulation bed at
the end of the severed tendon.
Day 40
Small amounts of synovial fluid still leaking out of the wound. The granulation bed has smoothed out.
Epithelial border started.

Day 45
The fluid stopped leaking and the epithelial border was growing around the entire wound. The horse went
home for the owner to continue treatment.