This is a four year old Thoroughbred filly with 8 month old hock injuries.
She arrived at Step Ahead Farm after 8 months of treatment with Robert Jones Bandaging.
Step Ahead Farm employed wet to dry, light weight bandages that allowed legs to be flexed and
stretched over the next 8 months.
The hocks had been treated for 8 months with traditional leg bandages (i.e. Robert Jones) prior to being
referred to Step Ahead Farm. The recurring cracks in the granulation tissue occurred because the legs
were not over flexed and extended as they healed. Pressure bandages had controlled the granulation
overgrowth, so we had a mature granulation bed to heal. For the first month of treatment, the horse
was turned out in a pasture with no leg wraps and this allowed the movement of the hocks to reshape
the granulation bed. The filly was put back in training to break down the adhesions as the wounds
healed. Short flare ups of soreness occurred during this time. After 8 months, the filly was returned to
the trainer and put back on the track.
Lesson: Horses with large wounds on moving parts must be rehabilitated with exercise as they heal.
Note: Pictures start on arrival at Step Ahead Farm, 8 months after the injury.
Treatment 2-1-2005 through 12-26-2005
Day 1
Day 64
Case 106
Hock Injury
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Day 35
Day 26
Day 17