This page contains injuries to
the Bulb Of The Heel.
Case 96
This is a riding horse with a laceration penetrating the coffin joint on this horse's
front leg. The laceration was deep enough to penetrate the joint and sever the
lateral volar nerve and accompanying blood supply.
Treatment started 1-7-2004
Case 162
This is a riding horse with a laceration to the top of the bulb of the heel, deep enough to have
severed the tendon and nerve.
Treatment 1-6-2006 through 11-3-2006
Case 94
This was an $18,000 roping horse that had been injured one month prior to
coming to Step Ahead Farm. The horse was purchased for $1,000 by the new owner
to prevent him from being put to sleep.
Treatment started 9-1-2007
Case 83
This is a roping horse with canker, who had sloughed the digital cushion in three
Treatment started 1-28-2004
Case 58
This yearling was tied to a trailer and tore off the posterior (back) lateral third of
his hoof. The wound extended into the soft tissue.
Treatment 12-30-2003 through 2-27-2003
Case 60
This is a 14 year-old quarter horse gelding with a wire cut involving both bulbs of the
heel.  The wire cut was down to the coronet band on the inside of the hoof and
invaded the coffin joint.
Treatment started 10-23-2005
Case 2
This is a 3 year old gelding with a 3 week old wound.  The wound had been
previously cleansed with betadine solution and shown no signs of healing.
Treatment 9-29-2000 through 10-10-2000
Case 50
This is a four year old paint with a laceration at the bulb of the heel at a depth that
the nerve and blood vessels were cut on the medial side and the laceration extended
to the coronet band on the lateral side.
Treatment started 12-26-2002
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Bulb of Heel
Case 237
This is a quarter horse with a 1 1/2 inch deep laceration to the lower pastern and
top of the bulb of the heel involving a severed collateral ligament and severed
volar nerve.
Treatment 11-14-2010 through 1-4-2011