This page contains Abscesses in
various parts of the horse.
Case 175
This yearling had developed a draining sinus for two months after being sold through a sale
barn. The cause of these erupting sinuses was never determined.
Treatment 4-16-2005 through 4-20-2005
Case 172
This is an abscess wound in a front hoof caused by foreign object (a stick).
Treatment 10-9-2006 through 10-12-2006
Case 95
This is a two year old Thoroughbred filly with an abscess in the hoof. A pair of
standard forceps reached all the way to the coffin bone from the point of entry in
the bottom of the hoof.
Treatment 7-16-2004 through 10-26-2004
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Case 123
This is a Thoroughbred race horse that arrived from Kentucky after being treated for 8 months
with toe cracks in all four hooves. The most severe condition was in the right front hoof.
Treatment 2-3-2006 through 10-21-2006